• The Tauranga Lodge 125
  • Bay of Plenty Masonic Centre
  • 33 Hairini Street, Tauranga
  • 07 543-9483
  • Lodge Facebook Link
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The Tauranga Lodge No. 125

The Tauranga Lodge is fully open and having our regular meetings.  With New Zealand sill in Phase 1 we are careful as we can be during this period.  Visitors to lodge must sign-in and indicate date and time along with their contact information.

If you are just interested in Freemasonry or General information about Freemasonry, I suggest you look at our short history of Freemasonry, the history of our local lodge and a library of documents and films about us.


If you personally want to meet to get answers over coffee we can do that also. Reply to secretary.125@nzfreemasons.org to contact me.



If you desire more information about the Tauranga Lodge No. 125 feel free to contact me on Facebook:  William Kennedy - https://www.facebook.com/wjc.kennedy




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