• The Tauranga Lodge 125
  • Bay of Plenty Masonic Centre
  • 33 Hairini Street, Tauranga
  • 07 543-9483
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The Tauranga Lodge No. 125

Phase 1 conditions have been set in the Bay of Plenty and we will be open this week.  Hopefully, the Tauranga Lodge will be fully open and having our regular meetings.  

If you are just interested in Freemasonry or General information about Freemasonry, I suggest you look at our short history of Freemasonry, the history of our local lodge and a library of documents and films about us.


If you personally want to meet to get answers over coffee we can do that also. Reply to secretary.125@nzfreemasons.org to contact me.



If you desire more information about the Tauranga Lodge No. 125 feel free to contact me on Facebook:  William Kennedy - https://www.facebook.com/wjc.kennedy




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