• The Tauranga Lodge 125
  • Bay of Plenty Masonic Centre
  • 33 Hairini Street, Tauranga
  • 07 543-9483
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The Tauranga Lodge No. 125

The Tauranga Lodge started this new year with a new master, WBro. Peter McHannigan.  The Masonic Centre is progressing in its repair because of the fire and will open soon. We are very excited with all our new members and the renovations that are happening to make the facility even better then before. With Covid waning and things finally getting back to normal all of our members are excited to start what we know will be a exceptional year.  We are very thankful for Lodge KatiKati and Lodge Te Puke for the lending of their facilities during the last year.  The lodge will host a rededication ceremony with Grand Lodge officiating when the Masonic Centre is finished.  We were able to continue our charity work last year and will continue with different local charities this year.  The plan is to  put-on a number of special educational nights for the members and of course some fun evening for our families.


 If you personally want to meet to get answers over coffee we can do that also. Reply to secretary.125@nzfreemasons.org to contact me.



If you desire more information about the Tauranga Lodge No. 125 feel free to contact me on Facebook:  William Kennedy - https://www.facebook.com/wjc.kennedy




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