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1902 – 2002
Introduction by Rt. W. Bro. W.A.E. Robinson PGW

The historical facts and anecdotes of The Tauranga Lodge No. 125 and all the other lodges mentioned here coupled with those of Tauranga Borough, Tauranga City, and surrounding areas have all been documented and recorded and now lie waiting to be assembled and compiled into a cohesive and comprehensive History.  None of these organizations exist in isolation so these historical facts are now put together and record their relationship during the last one hundred years and more.  It is hoped that this historical narrative will not only highlight some of the important and interesting events of all these histories but also put them in perspective with the growth of the area.
In publishing this historical record of our lodge we are indebted to a number of Brethern who by their diligence, foresight and knowledge have made a contribution to this record that will be read and appreciated by, people not only present day, but by, we trust many of the future generation.
For the first forty years the material was supplied by Rt. Wor. Bro. J.K.B. Lusk a prominent solicitor of Tauranga, Wor. Bro. B.K. Gifford another well-known personage and co-owner of the Bay of Plenty Times, and Rt. Wor. Bro.  J.R. Bongard, Chief engineer of the Tauranga Electric Power Board.
Wor. Bro. T.W. Marchbank Bay of Plenty Times Brach Manager carried on and assembled the information to publish the 75th year History of the Lodge.  From a resume of this material and a comprehensive research of the minuets of the last twenty five years, Wor. Bro. Bill Eltham, IPM. Of the lodge and Bro. Fereday SW produced an unedited Hundred Year History of the Lodge.
The following Historical publication contains an edited version of all of the above paragraphs and I have included more information and facts, both Masonic and non-Masonic that has come to hand in the last few years, and can only hope that it will make this publication an informative and interesting read.
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