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I am sure you know that Freemasonry started as a guild in ancient times.  The guild contained freemen that were skilled builders.  These master builders, masons, were more than builders, they were the architects and engineers of their time.   If you saw the TV Mini-Series, “The Pillars of the Earth”, you saw a dramatized example of these men.

These masons were responsible for multi-year building projects that required a lot a skilled men. Those apprentices needed to be trained in the secrets only the master builder knew, such as “Lintels and Key Stones”.  The masons also taught apprentices the use of simple tools, Compass, Square and Ruler, along with the Morals and Ethics required to start and then finish these massive building projects of their day. 

Modern Freemasonry are teachers of men still.  No longer builders of Cathedrals and Castles they are builders of men.  They do that through symbols, rituals and allegories that highlight the three great principles and goals of Freemasonry; Brotherly Love (Fraternity), Relief (Charity) and Truth (Wisdom).  For 300 years Freemasonry has strived to help good men become better. 

Visit our Library to read a number of documents about Freemasonry. There you will find videos that will help you understand who we are. This following is one of the best.  Also check out our Charity Work, our History and the personal articles in "Why I am a Freemason".



July 2019 Starting our New Year.

last year we brought in 8 new members.  A very good year.

Lots of young good men.

This year we plan on continuing our Charity work and outreach to the community.


If you live in the Tauranga Area and wish to know more about Freemasonry contact us.



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